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is that the area around suspect james holmes's apartment is considered extremely dangerous. police chief dan oates says the apartment is loaded with complex explosives and it may take hours, maybe even days to disarm them. >> his apartment is apparently booby trapped. what we have is a whole bunch of bomb teches from all different agencies. we have pictures inside the location. we're trying to determine how to disarm flammable or explosive material that's in there. >> president obama canceled several campaign events following news of that shooting. just moments ago, republican challenger, mitt romney,weighed in as well. >> our hearts break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. ann and i join the president and first lady and all americans in offering our deepest condolences for those whose lives were shattered in a few moments, a few moments of evil in colorado. >> this, by the way is our first look at the suspect, james holmes. this picture is from his university of colorado id card. >> julia boorstin is live in a movie theater in north hollywood, here to tell us how the movie industry and
morning. 24-year-old suspect james holmes, a neuroscience graduate student, has been here at the prison -- of the jail facility which is just to the right of my shoulder since friday. he's been in solitary confinement. in an hour he'll walk in an underground tunnel in a court facility directly behind me for his arraignment. it's possible that the suspect, james holmes, may not have to appear in court. may waive his right to appear in court, but certainly prosecutors are looking to file charges. we know they will file at least 12 murder charges, several other attempted murder charges in court today. it's unclear though if the suspect will actually come into court, although many folks are expected in there. he is, of course, responsible say according to police for allegedly opening fire on a crowd full of movie-goers who were jammed inside the batman movie premiere early friday morning around 12:30 a.m. police say they went to his home where he had wired his apartment with booby traps to try to possibly endanger the lives of investigators when they responded to his home. of course, he'll
holmes wore body armor and was armed with an assault rifle, 12-gauge rifle and two glock handguns. minutes into the batman movie he opened fire. with his hair died reddish orange he said he was the joker. >> 71 people were shot. 12 are deceased. >> reporter: witnesses say he tossed what appeared to be smoke grenades. then pointing his weapon into the air, fired a single shot. movie goers dropped to the ground. some ran for the exits. then the suspect opened fire, spraying bullets at anyone who moved. police found his parked car outside the back door of the sold out theater. >> he surrendered out any significant incident to officers. >> reporter: tonight detectives have no motive and say holmes acted alone. four miles from the crime scene police swarmed his apartment. >> his apartment is apparently booby-trapped. we could be here for hours or days. >> reporter: using a hook and ladder fire truck and a camera on a pole police discovered multiple incendiary devices. tonight, colorado's third largest city is in shock. a community grieving. miguel almaguer, aurora, colorado. >> all rig
things happening. all right. we haven't gotten to tom cat and katie holmes yet. playing in the world series of poker. right now, einhorn fin initialled 18th in the tournament 2008 or 2006 event? what do you think of a money manager going and playing in a poker tournament? >> there are money management firms that use poker as part of their training process. the idea being, you need to be in control of your emotions. you need to be able to take some risk and make decisions under a l lot of pressure and makes some sense of poker players being traders. >> you wonder if he's playing with house money. is this his investor's money? straight from his wallet? >> sure it's out of his wallet. >> think about poker and gambling, trader have to have that appetite for risks. sometimes comfortable with that. last night he was in third place. right now, i just took a look. he is in 16th place. >> a couple of bad hands there, i guess. let's move on to the one if you have not heard this, you got to be living under a rot. tomkat, cruise that is, is breaking up. who will end up the winner this high profi
of james holmes. we're told in his apartment there are numerous 1 liter bottles with an unidentifiable liquid, and there are wires. he calls it a booby trap. the police department told us they set up a circumstance where they were able to point a camera through the window of the apartment and take numerous pictures, and they're trying to dissect the apartment before they move in and disable all of that explosive equipment in there. police also have evidence in there they would like to get out of there. that would probably tell us more about who this james holmes is, back to you. >> thank you, we'll keep following that. it's a stunning blow to the movie industry as well. here is julia. >> movie theaters have also been a place for americans to escape the harsh realities out of outside world, and now movie theaters are doing everything they can to prevent that. last night "dark knight rises" had the second highest box office midnight opening in history. now teams are senning out security to keep copy cats from acting. the place where the tragedy occurred said they're working closely and t
the first court appearance today. james holmes with his bright red dyed orange hair showed little emotion in the ten-minute hearing. a judge telling holmes he will be formally charged with the killings next monday. 12 people killed, 58 wounded in that attack. >>> the ncaa announcing penn state's punishment after a day after the officials removed the statue of former coach joe paterno. the ncaa fining the university $60 million in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. all of the school's victories from 1998 to 2011 have been wiped off the record books. vacated. that means that paterno is no longer football's winningest coach. penn state also getting a four-year ban on postseason games and the loss of 20 scholarships a year in football over the next 4 years. the punishment is said to be unprecedented in college sports. sue? >>> ty, you have seen them. the pictures out of the midwest are shocking. some are calling it dust bowl 2012. this video comes to us from the corn fields of kansas. commodity prices up sharply. corn alone up 25% in two months. it's getting hit with a little p
and one airman is unaccounted for. they located james holmes within a minute and a half after arriving on the scene. >> our best available count is that 71 people were shot, and that 12 are deceased. two died at area hospitals, and ten are deceased in the crime scene at this time, and we're making best efforts to identify and remove those ten. >> another part of the story is police say it could take days to diffuse booby traps in the suspect's apartment. president obama ordered flags to be flown at half-staff. >> and hollywood responding to this horrific attack, julia boorstin has that angle. >> they're doing everything they can to protect the movie viewing experience. they say they're working closely with the aurora police department and are always focused on computer. >> we're constantly focused on the security of our patrons at all of our theaters for all of the shows, a midnight show or whether it's a, you know, just a regular showing. secure is a big issue. >> and the theaters have the backing of the police departments across the country. they are sending officers to prevent any c
-old james holmes of aurora was arrested and taken into custody. no word on whether he has been arraigned or appeared in court. president obama is expected to address the incident at an event in florida in less than an hour. he did issue a statement earlier calling it a horrific and tragic shooting and we will have the breaking developments on the story throughout the day. meanwhile, carl, back to you. >> tyler, thanks so much. as devastating as the story is on a human level, you can't ignore the potential impact on the theater industry. our julia boorstin has more on that as well. good morning, julia. >> good morning to you. the ceo of cinemark that owns the theater where the shooting took place spoke in dallas. he expressed his sympathy for the victims and families and stressed that the company's commitment to security. here is what he had to say. >> we constantly are focused on the security of our patrons at all of our theaters and for all of the shows, whether it is a midnight show or whether it is just a regular showing, you know, security is a big issue for cinemark. >> we reached o
holmes announced the acquired land in danville, california, the bay area to build 84 single family homes. in phoenix, really land strapped, you look on kb's website, it offered four communities but only three open. lenders have very little to offer from deals from owners who had defaulted on land previously. everyone looking for prime parcels and exsurbs still not doing very well. >> like everyone else, the american job interview has gone through a metamorphosis. coming up with some really odd sometimes obnoxious questions applicants at wall street firms are actually expected to answer seriously. >> i've been talking to some head hunters. when you interview at wall street, compared to other meet and greet, it can be like a punch in the face. how many tennis balls can you fit in this room or ask you something slightly inappropriate to see how you might handle it. if i told you you could have this job right now if you let me sleep with your girlfriend, would you do it? how would you answer that question? >> you got me. i don't know how i would answer that. that's just a question i would ne
mass murder in recent american history, 24-year-old james holmes will be make being his first court appearance after being arrested for shooting 70 people and killing 12 at the sellout showing of the new batman movie. >> good morning, andrew. that want appearance should be brief. be held at the arapahoe district court. he'll be advised of his reits. the charges will form jamly be announced today likely. but when they do, no doubt there will be very many. at issue is whether prosecutors will decide to seek the death penalty. the defense will most likely try and argue whether he's mentally competent. his legal team today is expected to go inside the theater and take a closer look at things like the bullet holes and the blood stains and what's left of the carnage as they are putting together their defense. now all of this while the community continues to mourn. there was a huge vigil last night where people consoled each other and earlier in the day yesterday president obama was here. he spoke with family members of the victims individually and also offered hope and inspiration to the
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10

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